Open-source foresight project on future media

2020 Media Futures is an ambitious, multi-industry strategic foresight project designed to understand and envision what media may look like in the year 2020; what kind of cross-platform Internet environment may shape our media and entertainment in the coming decade; and how our firms and organizations can take action today toward capturing and maintaining positions of national and international leadership.

Explore Scenarios for 2020

Lords of the Cloud is a commercially driven world of rapid technological innovation and adoption, affording new configurations of media partnerships, platforms and processes.


Review Research Findings

Drivers of change are underlying causal forces at work within systems. 2020 Media Futures held Industry Roundtable sessions with representatives from Ontario’s Creative Cluster to uncover these drivers.


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“In all four scenarios, you have a combination of social, economic and commercial drivers, and there’s also a layer of public policy that’s interwoven. As we go forward into the new economy, towards 2020 ... it’s about the interplay between all of those.” –Robert Hayashi, ACP/eBound Canada