Open-source foresight project on future media

2020 Media Futures is an ambitious, multi-industry strategic foresight project designed to understand and envision what media may look like in the year 2020; what kind of cross-platform Internet environment may shape our media and entertainment in the coming decade; and how our firms and organizations can take action today toward capturing and maintaining positions of national and international leadership.

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The four worlds at the corners of this matrix reflect contemporary hopes and anxieties within our media economy, articulating tensions between top-down and bottom-up, uncertain future of major media institutions like the CBC, and the role of big-name telcos in media infrastructure and distribution.


Review Research Findings

To inform our scenarios, 2020 Media Futures commissioned Nordicity and Gabe Sawhney to develop a Delphi Survey of Critical Uncertainties in the book, magazine, music, film, TV, interactive, convergent, and transmedia industries.


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“In all four scenarios, you have a combination of social, economic and commercial drivers, and there’s also a layer of public policy that’s interwoven. As we go forward into the new economy, towards 2020 ... it’s about the interplay between all of those.” –Robert Hayashi, ACP/eBound Canada