Trends and Signals — Economic

Agile Vs. Formal Production: Traditional top-down models are increasingly running up against agile bottom-up approaches on the Web, creating a clash of cultures, but also driving innovation.

DIY Distribution: Digital tools and processes have enabled independent producers and creators to use the Internet as a distribution channel to directly connect with consumers and audiences in the process circumventing some of the cultural industries’ traditional intermediaries.

Aggregation: The vast amount of content on the Internet provides ample opportunities to become an aggregator, helping users navigate and curate consumption.

Prosumers: Inexpensive digital production tools, digital storage, the proliferation of free online social platforms, increasing broadband speeds, and computer processing power have made it easy and inexpensive for non-professionals to create content.

DIY Technology: Open-source software and hardware is making it easier for individuals and groups to assemble customized devices that provide the functions they desire.

Transmedia: The creators of properties in one medium are repurposing the their story, their characters and any other aspects of their IP in other media.


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